NAMI Basics

NAMI Basics is Now Online!

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NAMI Basics, which runs for just six weeks (more convenient for parents and guardians of young children) will cover much of the same topics as our Family-to-Family program. NAMI Basics fosters learning, healing and empowerment among parents and families of children with emotional/mental/neurobiological disorders. A study published in the Journal of Child and Family Studies in August 2011 reported that the NAMI Basics program results in “significant improvement” for families when it comes to communication and coping skills.



  • How to navigate the educational system and get your child the help he or she needs.
  • How a diagnosis is determined
  • Treatment options: Therapy, medication or both?
  • How to advocate for your child
  • What you need to know to navigate the juvenile justice system
  • Crisis prevention and relapse planning
  • Communicating with your loved one
  • Coping strategies; taking care of yourself

All classes and materials are provided free of charge.

Watch this short video about NAMI Basics