2015 NAMI Yakima Educational Meetings

mental_health_awareness_ribbon_postcard-p239140026495883302qibm_4001In NAMI-Yakima’s steadfast commitment to raise awareness and build a healthy community of hope, we are excited to be presenting a series of educational classes on various topics. These informational topics will include advocacy, suicide prevention, DE stigmatizing mental illness,  disabilities in the workplace, rehabilitation and creative options, college students and mental health on campus, plus more exciting topics.

Meeting time is 6:30-7:30 PM, at our NAMI office located in the Comprehensive Mental Health Building, 402 S. 4th Ave, Yakima, WA. 98902 (Auditorium)

Upcoming Speakers:

February 10- Feature speaker Jim Pinnell (Comprehensive Mental Health)
Topic:Mental Health 101-A Preview of Mental Health Aid
March 10 – Ed Thornbrugh
Topic: CIT Stakeholders
Our stakeholder Meeting will be a strategic event for introducing stakeholders to each other, gaining commitment to usability objectives based on CIT (Crisis Intervention team) training. It is also a method for collecting information regarding the purpose of CIT and its overall framework. Consider this a “Kick Off” meeting.