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Find local and national resources information below.

NAMI Helpline


Crisis Support


National Suicide Prevention Lifeline


Local Crisis Line

509‑575‑4200 or 1‑800‑572‑8122

Comprehensive (formerly CWCMH)

Yakima Office: (509)575-4084

Sunnyside Office: (509) 837-2089

Yakima County Crisis Line: (509)575-4200

Kittitas County Crisis Line: (509)925-9861 or (509) 925-4168

Klickitat County Crisis Line: (800)572-8122

The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

(800)273-TALK (8255)

(800)SUICIDE (784-2433)

Open Line: (509)575-4200 or (800)572-8122

The Trevor Project: Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Youth Suicide Hotline:
(866)4-U-TREVOR (488-7386)

Washington State Teenline:


Yakima Police Department-Community Services: (509)575-6197

Yakima County Sheriff’s Office:


Yakima Fire Department: (509) 575-6060

ASPEN: Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault, and General Crimes Services: (509)925-9384 or (866)925-9384

Yakima Sexual Assault and General Crimes Services: (509 )452-9675 or (888) 605-6999

Northwest Justice Project: (509) 574-4234

Yakima County Prosecutor’s Office Victim/Witness Assistance: (509) 574-1210


Yakima Valley Farm Workers Clinic: Yakima

Medical: (509) 248-3334

Dental: (509) 248-1082

Pharmacy: (509) 452-8325

Women’s Health and Pediatrics:
(509) 575-1234

Children’s Dental: (509) 575-3399

Yakima Valley Farm Workers Clinic: Toppenish

Medical: (509) 865-5600

Dental: (509) 865-3886

Pharmacy: (509) 865-3355

Yakima Valley Farm Workers Clinic: Grandview

Medical: (509) 882-3444

Dental: (509) 882-4491

Pharmacy: (509) 882-3977

Yakima Neighborhood Health Services: (509)454-4143

Central Washington Family Medicine:(509)452-4520

Planned Parenthood: (509)248-3625

Indian Health Services: (509) 865-1708

Sundown M. Ranch: (509)457-0990

Dependency Health Services: (509)248-1200

Triumph Treatment Services:

Casa de Esperanza: (509)453-9387

Barth Clinic: (509)457-5653

Merit Resource Services:
Yakima (509) 469-9366

Sunnyside: (509) 837-7700

Toppenish: (509)865-5233

Wapato: (509) 877-7271

Alcoholics Anonymous: (509)453-7680

Comprehensive (formerly CWCMH)

Yakima Office: (509)575-4084

Sunnyside Office: (509) 837-2089

Yakama Nation Comprehensive Community Alcoholism Program and Youth Treatment Program: (509)865-5121
24/7 Help Line (877)715-4916
For 24/7 Treatment Help Call:
(877) 655-5116

Rehab Center
Call: 1-888-979-9592

Advanced Recovery Systems
Call 1-844-225-8937

National Domestic Violence Hotline: (800)799-SAFE (7233)

YWCA: (509)248-7796

National Child Abuse Hotline:
800-4-A-CHILD or


Yakima CPS: (509)225-6556

The New Hope Clinic: (509)453-7144

Yakima Health District: (509)249-6518 or (509)249-6559

Division of Children & Family Services




National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) Yakima: (509) 453-8229

Children’s Village: (509) 574-3200

Rod’s House: (509) 895-2665

Madison House: (509) 457-3370


Mental Health America : Tools 2 Thrive:

Tools 2 Thrive, provides practical tools that everyone can use to improve their mental health and increase their resiliency regardless of their personal situation.

Crisis Guide

"Navigating a Mental Health Crisis: A NAMI Resource Guide for Those Experiencing a Mental Health Emergency" (Crisis Guide) provides important, potentially life-saving information for people experiencing mental health crises and their loved ones. This guide outlines what can contribute to a crisis, warning signs that a crisis is emerging, strategies to help de-escalate a crisis, available resources and so much more.

Circle of Care

NAMI has partnered with the National Alliance for Caregiving (NAC) to create "Circle of Care: A Guidebook for Mental Health Caregivers." This guidebook emerged from the national study on mental health caregiving, "On Pins and Needles: Caregivers of Adults with Mental Illness." This study's findings were released in February 2016. It was the first national survey of mental health caregivers conducted in the United States, and it identified numerous challenges faced by these caregivers.

NAMI Mental Health Factsheets

Smart 911

Smart 911 is now available in Yakima County. You can provide additional information to 911 about your loved one, so that 911 can help you faster in an emergency. In a mental health crisis having the correct information can make a difference in getting appropriate help. By completing information about your loved one's mental health diagnosis, medications, providers and other important details, first responders can more effectively respond. Smart 911 is nationwide. Create a safety profile for your loved one by going to

NAMI New Jersey en Espanol

Herramientas Para Prosperar

En ciertas ocasiones de la vida, terminamos en situaciones que no podemos cambiar. La aceptación radical consiste en aceptar plenamente su realidad en situaciones que están fuera de su control. Esto no significa que apruebe la situación, que se rinda o que no sea dolorosa. Sigue teniendo derecho (¡y debería!) a sentirse como se sienta, pero al aceptar que es lo que es, limita el poder que el problema tiene sobre usted y puede comenzar a avanzar.

Cómo lidiar con una crisis de salud mental

Cómo lidiar con una crisis de salud mental: Una guía de recursos de NAMI para lidiar con una emergencia de salud mental (Guía en caso de crisis) ofrece información importante para las personas que pasan por crisis de salud mental y sus seres queridos. La guía resalta lo que puede contribuir a una crisis, los signos que alertan que una crisis está por ocurrir, las estrategias para ayudar a reducir la intensidad de una crisis y los recursos que pueden estar disponibles para las personas afectadas. Además, se incluye información acerca de cómo apoyar a una persona que presenta una crisis, así como un ejemplo de un plan en caso de crisis.

Círculo de atención

NAMI ha colaborado con National Alliance for Caregiving (NAC) para crear Círculo de atención: una guía para los cuidadores de salud mental. La guía Círculo de Atención es el resultado de un estudio nacional sobre el cuidado de la salud mental titulado On Pins & Needles: Caregivers of Adults with Mental lllness. Fue el primer estudio nacional sobre cuidadores de salud mental realizado en los Estados Unidos, y permitió identificar muchos de los desafíos que estos cuidadores enfrentan. El informe final fue publicado en el 2016.

Hoja informativa sobre salud mental

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