Trusted Adult Toolkit (aka Calm and Connected Toolkit)

NAMI Trusted Adult Toolkit is designed for adults who primarily work with youth and would like to learn and develop the skills it takes to make a difference in their lives by being someone they can trust and lean on.

The challenges we are facing today are affecting us in more ways than one. Now is the time to consider the needs of our youth and what they are facing. Youth thrive through relationships with trusting adults, and we want you to develop your skills and capacities so you can become that caring adult who makes a difference in their lives.

This training gives adults the skills they need to successfully engage with youth who may have mental health needs. The lesson plans include Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) topics and short engaging video resources which are designed for Middle and High School students. Resources and continued learning will be provided for High School staff and faculty as well.

Learn about all the ways you can help youth cope with the challenges of mental health and visit Calm and Connected Toolkit to learn more.

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